Thursday, February 24, 2011

My New Kitchen & Spring Candles

A great big kiss goes to my husband for all the hard work he has done on our kitchen.  Tim, you are the best.  We're so close to being done, just a little bit more subway tile and some ceiling repair work.  I'll be putting pictures on here in the next few weeks. 

The new Gold Canyon spring catalog has an adorable rock garden that you scent with our fragrance oils. This is the perfect solution for funky smelling smaller places, like my office at work.  They come with a pomegranate fragrance oil that is very nice. Check it out @

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Busiest Summer Ever & Upcoming Open House

Boy have I been busy, no time to "blog", my house is a wreck and I haven't done a thing with craft stuff all summer.  What have I been doing?  Working alot, cleaning for other people frequently, visiting with relatives some, working alot (Oh, did I already say that?) and studying to be a certified professional coder for weeks now.  My exam date is September 11, hope that's not a bad omen, pray for me, from what I hear I'll need it.

I haven't followed anyone for the past 2 months but I promise to do better in the upcoming weeks. 
I hear some of the kids are on their last week of summer vacation and that always tells me that fall is just around the corner.... if I can just be patient and wait out these 100 degree days with 56% humidity a little longer.  Speaking of fall, I'm doing a dual open house with the Tastefully Simple Queen, Amanda, on August 30.  As the plans stand right now it will be at Amanda's house but I'll put the exact locale and time on my website the week just hold the evening of Aug 30 for now.  See for details.

Hope everyone is having a super summer and I hope to see or talk to you soon but in the meantime...keep on blogging.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Candles and other Sunday afternoon rambling

Michele C. (otherwise known as Calicodaisy) has encouraged me to write about my candles so I thought I'd take the opportunity to start with the basics.

A little about the company, Gold Canyon.  Based in Arizona, all their scented products are made in the United States of America (20 medals and counting!).  They have been in business for nearly 13 years and depend on their thousands of independent demonstrators to showcase and promote their great products. What I LOVE the most about their candles is that they will burn cleanly and their unique fragrance combinations will fill your home with one of 111 lovely scents. With that many to choose from we truly have something for everyone.

The company sells many different forms of fragrance from scented book marks, auto air-fresheners, room spray, and linen spray. They also sell beautiful home decor items and the best cleaning products you will ever smell........can you say you love the smell of your home after you've cleaned it? You can if you use our products.  For 2010 I will offer lots of incentives from free micro-fiber cloths with the purchase of any of our cleaning products, free pod with the purchase of a pod warmer (send me an e-mail and I'll tell you what these are, 1/2 off shipping for catalog-party orders and the company offers many more incentives every month.     Right now Strike it Gold is in full swing, see my website by clicking on the candle to the right  and click on the Strike it Gold link for more details.

 I am the most laid back person you will ever meet (or e-mail). If you ask me for a catalog I won't ding-dong you about having a party or putting in an order but I promise that once you try one of our candles you'll be calling me about a super easy catalog party (no snacks required, long distance no problem) and placing orders for out of state delivery for gifts. 

I love to show off my candles at festivals around the state, the next one coming up is Olympia Fest in Columbia, South Carolina on Saturday April 24, 2010 in front of the Olympia and Granby Mills in the 500 Block of Whaley St.  If anyone reading this knows anyone in and around Columbia pass this will be a great event.

So off the festival and back to candles, so if you want to know if we have a fragrance you like send me an e-mail and I'll see if I can't meet you with testers or mail you a scratch and sniff sheet.

And as a quasi member of the Midlands Clay Art Society and someone who loves the ceramic arts I'd like to send a shout out to Lee Sipe, a friend of a friend, for being nominated by the S.C. Arts Commision for inclusion in Please visit her link and support your local artist.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Michele the Motivator

Many Thanks to Michele Chisholm, otherwise known as calicodaisy, for helping me figure out something new.  We spent the afternoon collaborating on a name and trying to teach my old brain a new trick.  So here we are!  Why Ginger Lime, because it's the best of the best! 

I think this will be fun!  More to come in the days ahead........