Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Busiest Summer Ever & Upcoming Open House

Boy have I been busy, no time to "blog", my house is a wreck and I haven't done a thing with craft stuff all summer.  What have I been doing?  Working alot, cleaning for other people frequently, visiting with relatives some, working alot (Oh, did I already say that?) and studying to be a certified professional coder for weeks now.  My exam date is September 11, hope that's not a bad omen, pray for me, from what I hear I'll need it.

I haven't followed anyone for the past 2 months but I promise to do better in the upcoming weeks. 
I hear some of the kids are on their last week of summer vacation and that always tells me that fall is just around the corner.... if I can just be patient and wait out these 100 degree days with 56% humidity a little longer.  Speaking of fall, I'm doing a dual open house with the Tastefully Simple Queen, Amanda, on August 30.  As the plans stand right now it will be at Amanda's house but I'll put the exact locale and time on my website the week just hold the evening of Aug 30 for now.  See for details.

Hope everyone is having a super summer and I hope to see or talk to you soon but in the meantime...keep on blogging.